June 24, 2015

Zen Line Stage


My DIY Nelson Pass preamplifier, made in 2001.
Sold to my friend Jens Gregersen around 2002.
Still proud of seeing those pictures in the Pass DIY Gallery.
The url to the schematic is dead and I use another e-mail now.
Here's the schematic:

June 19, 2015

Tube amplifiers and horn speakers

Current setup.
Preamplifier: Musical Fidelity X-10D clone with 6J1 tubes.
Amplifier: Modified Dynavox VR70E-2.

Speakers: Voight horns ("Gulvhorn") with Fostex FE-204 and Fountek Neo CD3.0 ribbon tweeters.
Sources: piCorePlayer and DAC, DIY turntable with Pro-Ject 8.6s tonearm and ADC XLM. VSPS riaa.