May 31, 2018

KSL-M77 preamplifier

Here's a KSL-M77 which I built for a good friend.
Modified with external low noise LT1963A regulator board. MU-metal around transformer.
Hig resolution pictures here.
Many thanks to Stanton Tin from Jim's Audio for his stellar customer service.


Chainsawmillerman said...

Would be nice to see a few more pictures. Nice job! Is there anymore info to share on this build?

Chainsawmillerman said...

Oh i see some more picture now. Very nice build. I'm just starting mine. Just received it in the mail. I would like to ask.I notice there is a separate phono out? Do i ignore this and just use the main output? Did you modify after trying the pre stock?
Thank you!

Chainsawmillerman said...

I just finished my build. I read your response to me but now i cant find it. Anyway, I have an annoying hum in the unit. Maybe thats whhy you chose to seperate some of the pieces "off board". I was thinking I might try to go with ac filaments and use the typical divider with cap to elevate the heaters. The power amp i built is dead quiet and it seems now that others have had this problem too. Its not a real loud hum but its there and annoying to me. Other than that I'm real happy with the sound of this preamp.


Anonymous said...

No disrespect to your skills, but this is nothing like a Kondo M77. For one thing, that has point to point wiring with no PCBs.
This is like calling a Pontiac Fiero with a custom body a Ferrari Testarossa.

Chainsawmillerman said...

@ Anonymous...Of coarse LOL. Do you think people who build these kits think otherwise?
What you do end up with sounds very good though. I bought the board for 129 US The rest was built with surplus stuff I had on hand and scrap wood and metal (excluding the 12.6 supply Xfrmer). There is a bit of hum and others have mentioned this who have built these kits. I have not solved this problem yet but others have and I have not heard Jan comment on his experience yet.

All that said do you own the Kondo M77? If so you are lucky indeed.